It is important to communicate to our athletes and parents what we are as a football program.  We can begin to do so by sharing our mission, philosophy, and vision of our program.

Our mission as a football program is to prepare young men for life after football ………….

To carry out this mission our philosophy will be to maximize the mental and physical ability of everyone associated with our program

Our four basic rules:

  • 1. Be on time
  • 2. Always tell the truth
  • 3. Do the right thing
  • 4. Protect the TEAM

Our vision is to compete at the highest possible level in everything we do during games, on the practice field, in the weight room, and in the classroom.  We will do this every minute, every play, every day.

We will base our program on …………..

Our identity will be that of a fundamentally sound, physical, mistake free, maximum effort team.  This identity will be shown in all three phases of the game:

  • OFFENSE: We will be option based, physical with the run, utilizing Play Action pass, motions, mis-direction and formations to create an edge.
  • DEFENSE: Well prepared and gap integrity sound, the 4 A’s are the basis of our defense ……                                  
  • SPECIAL TEAMS: Prevent opponents big plays through attitude and effort.  Create big plays with an aggressive attitude & execution of assignments.

Our approach and expectations will be consistent every day we are together as a team.  Excuses are un acceptable.  We will not assume anything and work tirelessly to maximize the abilities of everyone in our program.  In doing so we will encourage our players to work hard to overcome their fear of failure, realizing that failure will sometime happen.  We cannot let those failures define us but we can utilize those temporary setbacks to teach, learn, and become better every day.

Year-Round Plan:

Our program will have a year-round plan.  This plan will be used to maximize the abilities of all those involved in our program.  Our plan will include all of the following but not limited to: proper practice procedures and expectations; development of player leadership; expectations of coaches; players and parents; weight room expectations and the development of the general life skills or our athletes.

Practice Procedures:

We believe game night success is strongly tied to practice field effort and performance.  We will strive for maximum effort in every practice.  Athletes are expected to be in attendance and readily accept the positive coaching they are sure to receive.  Weekend practices and film sessions are always a possibility as each season progresses.


Competition will be used for motivation and sharpening the skills of our players.  Daily competition promotes enthusiasm, cohesiveness, and helps to develop a solid team culture.

Creation of Leaders:

Leadership is a trait all successful programs have.  Leadership development can be formal or informal.  The key is to be intentional in the development of team leaders.  The enlistment of as many resources as needed will be sought out to help in the development of our team leaders.

Total Program Involvement:

Our program will work as closely as allowed with lower level programs; i.e., junior high, youth programs, elementary schools.  This can take the form of coaching clinics, player visits, implementing the high school curriculum, and attending the events of those programs.  We will strive to participate in as many community service activities as our time will allow.

Professional Development:

The continuing development of our coaching staff is important to getting to and maintaining continued success.  Attending clinics, college practices, seminars, and using publications, web sites and blogs are useful in sharpening coaching skills.

Evaluation of the Process:

Evaluation of the process will be ongoing.  We will evaluate every week in season and monthly out of season.  The evaluation process will be done by the head coach with input from the assistant coaches.